About us

Starbase9.com's artwork was created by Bob Kolar, the owner of PromoSuperCenter.com, LLC, a Proforma franchise based out of Las Vegas Nevada. Proforma is the largest network of Promotional Product & Print companies in the USA. 

Since we are located in Las Vegas and Area 51 is the "Secret Suburb of Las Vegas", we became curious about Area 51 and all the secret UFO stuff going on up there. It was this curiosity that got us started designing our line of Area 51 T-shirts, Posters, Signs, Mugs, Stickers and other gifts and souvenirs.

Our Area 51 Hotel &Casino poster was in the original "Men In Black" movie and our products have been featured in a special exhibit at the Franklin Mint and at the Smithsonian Museum.

Here's our contact information:

Bob Kolar
PO Box 60341
Boulder City, NV  89006

Phone: 800-309-4046
Email: sales@promosupercenter.com
Website: www.PromoSuperCenter.com